Why Keto Desserts Suck – and What to do About It

Trying to find a balance with your keto diet is hard, and having keto desserts that suck doesn’t make it any easier. Sometimes you may get lucky to nab a great keto-friendly dessert, but there are those occasions that the dessert just sucks. This leaves you at square one and researching why keto desserts are so bad and what can be done about them. 

Keto desserts suck mostly due to their lack of ingredients, like sugar and flour. Sometimes this lack of components, or change in ingredients, will cause desserts to have a distinct flavor, texture, and even look. 

But there’s good news on the horizon. Keto desserts don’t have to suck. Stick around for more information that can help answer why exactly that keto-friendly brownie you had for lunch was awful and what you can do about all those terrible desserts. Read on for everything you need to know about why keto desserts suck.

Why do Keto Desserts Suck?

Keto desserts are always missing the main ingredients that make desserts sweet and tasty, like sugar and flour. These are key ingredients that make favorites like double chocolate brownies or sweet pineapple upside-down cakes so delicious. 

Eating on a keto diet omits these types of ingredients, so the desserts that contain these become off-limits, too. This generally means the only keto desserts you will be eating are never going to stack up, compared to that lovely bowl of chocolate ice cream in the back of the freezer. 

Keto desserts can also taste badly due to the wrong measurements and wrong choices in substitutions. Certain swaps can alter the taste and texture as well, making them less fluffy or bitter. Some ingredients are also known to have a more chemical taste or a bad aftertaste. Even just a small amount of some substitutes is enough to taint an entire dessert… and make it suck. 

It is important to note that every ingredient substituted can bring on a distinct flavor or texture. Using various substitutions for a keto-friendly dessert might have to be adjusted, not simply swapped out for the same amount. 

Lack of Sweeteners

Keto diets omit a critical ingredient in desserts- sugar. Since sugar is considered a carb, a keto diet restricts the number of carbs that you eat. Sometimes there can be sweeteners that you can find to replace using actual sugar. 

However, using alternatives may not help the flavor of the desserts. There can be a bitter aftertaste or even no sweetness at all. Finding the right substitution for that particular dessert is crucial. 

Try These Substitutes That Don’t Suck

Some substitutions are very keto-friendly and might even improve the taste. These substitutions can range from sweeteners for your coffee or sugar substitutions for recipes. These alternatives to sugar for desserts are:

  • Stevia: Resembles mint but has a super sweet taste. Measurements are one teaspoon in place of each cup of sugar. 
  • Monkfruit: Resembles a melon and is a natural sweetener. Be sure to read any labels on sweeteners that contain monk fruit because sometimes these can contain other added sugars.
  • Chicory Root: Fibers extracted from the chicory root are like a powder. This is a prebiotic and offers benefits to your digestive tract. This is an excellent alternative to using stevia as well. 

For more information about these substitutions to sweeteners that are not keto-friendly, visit Men’s Health

Missing Flour

Flour is a vital ingredient in almost all desserts. So leaving them out in a dessert can create that odd flavor to any cakes or “fluffy” desserts. Since flour is considered just as flawed as sugar on a keto diet, flour is a no-go as well. There are going to be some substitutions that you can use in place of flour.

Since there is a difference in flours, keto-friendly flours will not have the same texture or flavor as wheat or grain flour. You might end up with different types of keto-friendly flour in your pantry.  

Try These Substitutes That Don’t Suck 

There are many different keto flours out there. However, the problem with this is that one flour substitute cannot be used in the same ratio or quantity as another. This can cause you to have to get creative but can help with the flavor or taste instead of all the flourless desserts that you probably already hate. 

Different types of keto-friendly flours are:

  • Almond flour: This is probably the closest thing to regular flour. With this flour, there may be a particular brand that you enjoy better since it is known to have a gritty texture. 
  • Coconut flour: This flour has a sweeter flavor. Finding the right balance with this flour can be challenging since more egg usage is involved; however, this flour can be combined with others to help with that balance.
  • Flaxseed meal: This flour is high in fiber and promotes digestive health. 
  • Psyllium husk: Psyllium husk is the trickiest of the flours. This flour can cause your food to be very dry when used in a higher quantity. 

For more information on these flours and more types of keto-friendly flour, visit Sweet As Honey.

Keto Desserts that Don’t Suck

Many keto desserts suck, but there are even more that can be amazing. When you find the right balance of flour substitute and ingredients, there are many recipes that you can choose from to create in your own home or that may be offered at your favorite restaurant. Continue reading below for recipes that you may just be inspired to make for tonight’s dinner. 

Lemon Sugar Cookies

These sugar cookies are great for dessert. They use a keto sweetener, like Swerve, along with almond flour. This recipe creates soft fluffy cookies and even includes a delicious lemon frosting. When making these wonderful sugar cookies, you will also be using a high-fat content that will consist of butter and heavy whipping creams. 

This recipe calls for a lemon and lemon extract that will give it an added burst of flavor in the cookies and a fresh lemon taste in the frosting. 

For the complete recipe on Lemon Sugar Cookies, visit this link.

Chocolate Coconut Flour Cupcakes

These cupcakes are great for that chocolate craving that you may have. When paired with a great frosting, these are going to be a must for a keto dessert. This recipe calls for chocolate and an added option for coffee that will enhance that chocolate flavor even more. The recipe uses coconut flour in place of regular, making it a wonderful dessert to use while on your keto diet. 

Sugar will not be an issue for the sweetness this cake will have when using a Swerve sweetener; neither will the fat content a keto diet calls for since butter and whipping cream are a factor in this recipe. Pairing this recipe with an Expresso Buttercream that includes more coffee will make this recipe complete. 

To create this wonderful recipe, just visit this link.

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

These donuts are a fantastic fluffy alternative to the regular sugar and flour-filled treats you know and love. They are made with a crunchy cinnamon coating that provides the best flavorful treat. This recipe makes a mix between a dozen mini donuts or just half a dozen regular-sized. The best part of this recipe is that it uses monk fruit and a mixture of coconut and almond flour.

You can find this recipe at Life Made Sweeter.

Cheesecake Bars

If you like snickerdoodle cookies and you love cheesecake, this is the perfect dessert for you. These cheesecake bars are the ideal mix of the two. With a rich cheesecake filling and a cinnamon coating on top, these are sure to fix that sweet tooth craving. The best part- every ingredient is keto-friendly. 

For a more in-depth recipe and directions for this delicious recipe, go to Joy Filled Eats.

Food for Thought

Many keto desserts are going to make you hate being on a keto diet. Rest assured that some great recipes out there can make those desserts that suck great again. Finding the right substitutions and blends will leave you making a new dessert every week, and giving in to those sweet tooth urges you may have won’t seem like such punishment after all. 


So get going to the store, buy those new keto-friendly flours and sweeteners and get to cooking! Your stomach and taste buds will thank you later.

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